HAPPYneuron offer @ clinics

At the core of a major public health concern, the challenge of managing a rapidly aging world is at hand: specifically in regard to Alzheimer's disease, but also on a wider scale, to cognitive decline.

Brain training is crucial: it helps people maintain their brain fit longer and therefore keep their autonomy longer.

Even if there is no definite solution to fight brain decline, it's now well known that it's feasible thanks to a healthy lifestyle combined with a good brain training to delay the negative impact of aging.

Studies show positive impact of cognitive stimulation and the increase of neuronal reserve to reduce the risk of brain decline.

Recently Cognitive Remediation has also been proven to help manage many diseases such as schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis...

"An innovative comprehensive solution, with strong scientific bases."

This platform is dedicated to the HealthCare Professional (HCP). It is an evidence-based material allowing a personalized cognitive remediation with a close follow-up by the therapist.

Several programs are available:

  1. Anti-Aging (Vital) Program
    Anti-aging, staying sharp and vital/Designed by Dr. Bernard Croisile and team.
    14 cross-functional exercises
  2. Schizophrenia Program
    Designed in partnership with Dr. Pascal Vianin, Lausanne Hospital, Switzerland
    15 cross-functional exercises, 10 levels, 2 successful completions of one level unlock the next level.
  3. Depression Program
    Designed in partnership with Pr. Roland Jouvent, La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital University, Paris, France
    18 cross-functional exercises, 10 levels, 2 successful completions of one level unlock the next level.
  4. Custom Program
    Toolkit designed to create games variants, rules and sequence in order to suit specific therapeutic situation.
    Speech, ADHD, Others... varying stages of design

  • Engaging: Scientific Brain Training PRO exercises are based on successful designs validated by millions of HAPPYneuron users worldwide, thereby providing a proven engagement level for users.
  • Rewarding: real-time feedback and highly positive reinforcement for users.
  • Ecological & Educational: many exercises have real-life direct or indirect applications enabling practitioners to associate the cognitive remediation benefits to situations in daily life.
  • Customization: in the Rehabilitation Program, the therapist can precisely select the difficulty parameters. In other Specialized Programs, the patients progress through a pre-defined set of exercise levels according to specific rules. The clinician can also select the modules that fit the therapy needs.
  • Fully monitored: a control dashboard enables practitioners to track ongoing compliance and performance over time on specific exercises and cognitive functions
  • Group management: manage patients and/or practitioners groups (clinics, hospitals or retirement Homes) as needed.
  • On-line: applications are always up-to-date and new exercises are immediately and directly accessible.
  • Home training: opportunities for partial distance therapies that are customized and controlled by the therapists.
  • Secure: all communications are fully encrypted and secured. Patient records are confidential to the patient and the clinician.
  • Easy to deploy: no software to install or specific device required. Web browser accessible.
  • Runs on both Windows and Mac: enabled by the browser support.
  • Data exports: easy export data to Excel files for scientific research analysis.