HAPPYneuron offer @ work

Professional environment can be very stressful and some corporations work with their employees in order to improve their wellbeing.
With HAPPY neuron, corporations can offer their employees a brain training in order to keep their brain fit and contribute to their brain health by fighting against cognitive decline.

Today, the scientific community tells us through continued and extensive research, that to keep our brains sharp and to defer decline, individuals need to engage in regular cross functional cognitive stimulation. This forces individuals to push beyond their cognitive comfort zone in a regular and systematic way. This approach is the best insurance against costly brain decline.
It stimulates the user to challenge its comfort zone and stimulate even more its cognitive functions.

HAPPYneuron programs offer:
  • Cross Training: the best approach for retained brain vitality
  • Scientifically Validated: proven improvement
  • Comprehensive Real Time Reports: for individuals and for groups
  • Personalized Supervision: customized for the abilities of each individual
  • Significant Variety: essential to build cognitive reserve
  • Convenient and Easy: 7x24x365 access. No special software or equipment to support
  • Engaging and Fun: critical for program compliance
  • Multi-lingual: supported in multiple languages
  • Flexible: web services based Platform makes integration straightforward
  • Affordable: for a targeted group or all your employees
  • Scalable: large scale infrastructure reaches highly dispersed employee population

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