Brain fitness Awards

HAPPYneuron is the proud recipient of many brain fitness awards and industry recognition.

Why Games Matter: A Prescription for Improving
Health and Health Care
HAPPYneuron was a Finalist in this Changemakers / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation competition. The competition's goal was to identify computer and video games that are able to transform health and health care. This competition had 74 amazing entries from 13 countries. There were 3 winners and 13 finalists. Winners were chosen for the following characteristics:
  • Innovation: This is the knock-out test. The innovation reflects the ability to systemically transform health and health care by focusing on greater simplicity, lower cost, and enhanced convenience of services to more powerful, informed consumers. Does it enable more consumers in that market to afford and/or have the skill to use the product or service?
  • Social impact: It is important that the innovation has already begun to have an impact on the field it addresses. Some innovations will have proven success at a small level, while others will have scaled to engage millions of people. This is judged by considering the scale strategy, ability to be replicated, clear how-to and a map to reach the big goals.
  • Sustainability: For an innovation to be truly effective it must have a plan for how it will acquire financial and other bases of support for the long-term.

HAPPYneuron receives award for the Best Fitness Initiative

Consumer Health World Brain Fitness Award The Consumer Health World Awards recognize excellence and advancement in service, products and programs that enhance consumer's abilities to manage their healthcare expenditures and enhance healthcare quality.

HAPPYneuron received the most points in the Best Fitness Initiative category from a panel of more than 30 healthcare industry professionals. With increasing scientific evidence showing that actively participating in appropriately designed brain fitness workouts can help offset the symptoms of dementia and slow the effects of aging on the brain, HAPPYneuron brain games and training programs were seen as a topical and highly relevant entrant into this year's competition.

The Toy Man Seal of Approval Brain Fitness Award The Toy Man Award of Excellence Brain Fitness Award The Toy Man Editors Choice Award Brain Fitness Award
With HAPPYneuron's Cognitive Cross Training Program, "the incredible potential is just waiting to be explored!".
  • Design Quality: Rating Level: 5 — The design quality of these games was nothing but the very best.
  • Educational Value: Rating Level: 5 — The educational value is is literally beyond measure.
  • FunFactor™ (Aspect ludique): Rating Level: 5 — FUN is the middle name for Happy Neuron games!
  • Innovation: Rating Level: 5 — It was clear to see that there was intense research and study to develop this caliber of a learning and skill development solution.
  • Visual Appeal: Rating Level: 4 — It is easy to see that Happy Neuron games hold high visual appeal.
Note: all scores were on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the top score achievable.