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A powerful Cognitive Stimulation tool for Health Care Professionals

Scientific Brain Training Pro: The Best Tool For Professionals

You want to

  • Provide your patients with adapted cognitive stimulation
  • Create a specific program
  • Incorporate a full cognitive stimulation program into your platform
  • Distribute professional brain training tools in your country

Our added value

  • An extensive library of exercises
  • Very flexible activities with a wide range of difficulty settings
  • A full and intuitive patient management system
  • Effective and easy methods to integrate our tools into third party platforms


  • Online site
  • Customized programs
  • Integration into a third party platform
  • Distribution model

The keys to our success


An extensive library of exercises covers all cognitive functions


Highly adaptable activities with a wide range of settings to match different needs


A large number of independent studies prove the effectiveness of cognitive stimulation

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