HAPPYneuron at « SharpBrains Virtual Summit 2016 »

The « SharpBrains Virtual Summit » took place online from Dec 6th to Dec 8th. Speakers and attendees all connected to a virtual meeting room from all around the globe to participate in this major international event in Neuroscience.
The Summit featured over 30 of the world’s top scientists, innovators and experts working on ways to reinvent brain health in light of emerging science, technology, societal needs and market demand.
Franck Tarpin-Bernard, HAPPYneuron President, was happy to present HAPPYneuron’s strategy towards Health Care Professionals and its efforts to reach the high quality standards of Medical Devices. After explaining HAPPYneuron’s ISO13485 certification last May, Mr. Tarpin-Bernard showcased related partnerships finalized in 2016 with the pharma company Merck and the Ageing Well European leader Korian. He also presented the new platform that will be released shortly for French Health Care Professionals.

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