HAPPYneuron Pro, a reference in therapeutic solutions

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Therapy Solutions

  • Wide variety of content with more than 200 activities organized by therapeutic goal
  • High flexibility in use and numerous features (patient database, results, etc.)
  • Activities designed for one-to-one therapy sessions with the therapist and/or independent work for patients at home
  • Affordable pricing based on subscription packages – lifetime licenses available


  • Specific tools for all ages: children, adolescents, adults, seniors
  • Highly customizable activities to benefit all patients
  • Rich content that captures and maintains the attention of practitioners and patients
  • Works on all devices: Computers and tablets, online and offline to adapt to all situations: offices, homes, organizations, etc.


  • A specific solution for each profession: speech therapist, neuropsychologist, occupational therapist,
  • Resources by specialty: speech and language disorders, neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics
  • Packages designed for private practices, hospitals and clinics, large companies, health advocacy, and special education

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The keys to our success

  • A large user community

    Over 10,000 healthcare professionals in France and worldwide

  • An ever-changing catalog

    15 years of experience in innovation with new products every year

  • A scientific approach

    All of our authors are experts in their respective fields. Most are practitioners. Numerous independent studies proving the effectiveness of cognitive stimulation